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Ubuntu….Lakers and Celts

June 17, 2008

Well, it’s the final three minutes of Lakers/Celtics game six and it’s over. Rivers just took out Allen, Pierce, and Garnett….and they’re talking about the unselfishness of these three…how they sacrificed their individual goals and subjugated it for the team. 25 All star appearances among the three of them, but no championship. Now they have it.

Rivers came up with using “Ubuntu” as their rallying cry. I find the “ubuntu” concept intriguing and meaningful — “we are therefore I am”….It’s an African concept – Nelson Mandela speaks eloquently about it. It’s really a beautiful way of conveying the idea of submerging one’s individual identity into a larger whole — very apt for an NBA team, particularly Boston, with the three superstars coming in this season, two by way of a trade.

In a way, the same thing that the Celtics did — that’s what we have to do when we’re making the movie. We have to blend all the talents into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We can’t be driven by ego … we need to pull together, find the totality of the concept we’re trying to create.

I grew up with sports….football, basketball, baseball until later years of high school — then golf in the spring. I went through two-a-days in Mississippi, and in Pennsylvania with a coach who had actually survived the Bataan Death March and thought that was a fitting template for what he wanted to put us through. Directing an indie feature is worse than — or I should say (remember, no editing, that’s the deal here, so I have to correct on the fly)…not worse than, but more challenging than, those high school and college two-a-days. I’m talking just physically for starters — when you do a “regular” shoting day its 12 hours and 45 minutes of actual shoot time, and then there is the prep before and after — and all of that time is on your feet, in the heat (or here, in the water)…..I don’t know what it’s like on studio shoots….sometimes I see behind the scenes stuff and I wonder what it must be like to have 60- or 75 days to shoot the film…to have to do a page a day or less…..and then look at us — 5, 6, 7 pages a day, every day an impossible challenge to get it all done, get the performances, get the coverage….

Wow…it’s a 40 point lead now … 129/89. Got to give the Celtics their due. Ubuntu. Signing off.

UPDATE: The game’s over and Kevin Garnett just gave the most amazing interview…I’m sure a lot of people will be turned off by it….but I was move by it. Michelle Tafoya asked him what it felt like and he just threw his head back and screamed “Anything is possible!”…said it three or four times….. then buried his head and cried……How few of us ever get to experience what he experienced tonight. So many years proving he’s a good player, a great player — but tonight he got the championship and it overwhelmed him. I’m jealous – can’t deny it. Want that moment. Will keep fighting for it.