Setting the cast is a huge part of the battle and for indie films it’s particularly nerve wracking because we are always having to make offers that are far below the “quote”of the actors — that’s just the way of the indie world. So we rely on the script being good, and a lot of persuasion. For this film we have come up with by far the best and most interesting cast I’ve every had — and Susan and I can’t wait to start working with them.

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4 Comments on “CAST”

  1. Crissy Says:

    this is GREAT! i’m a samantha jade fan and heard about this on her website…..they’re really excited about this over there. good luk n keep us all updated…..we LOVE sam….love love love!!!

  2. James W Says:

    Congratulations on the cast, Michael. I must confess I didn’t recognize all the names (David Keith and Ivana Milicevic were the ones I recognized) but after looking at their pages it’s clear you made some smart choices of some excellent up and comers plus some good established stars. And I know you didn’t spend too much money on anyone – so that’s good. We look forward to seeing footage when you start shooting.

  3. Judi Murphy Says:

    I have a lot of positive feelings about this film and feel getting Samantha Jade is a slam dunk! I live in Mystic, Ct and remember when a little Inde film was made here called MYSTIC PIZZA, and it launched an up and coming actress by the name of Julia Roberts. Here’s to future success, and getting this actress on her way up!!

  4. Amber Says:

    I loveeee Caitlin Wachs and my dad took me and my brother to a basketball game that Samantha Jade sang our National Anthem at. Love her voice and her music. He also (My Dad) showed me this website after we saw the first movie. I can’t wait till this one comes out. When will it be in theaters?

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