First Screening!

We’ve had our first screening and I have to say it was nerve-wracking for me, especially because the HD Master was fresh from the lab and we’d had no time to pre-screen it so I was living in fear of a technical glitch but thankfully nothing like that happened — it screened beautifully, lots of buzz and congratulations from the buyers who were there along with various others. Now I must also tell you that when the film-maker is present, people are always polite and enthusiastic so we have to factor that in. I did manage to sprinkle some “spies” into the audience who engaged viewers in discussion afterward when I wasn’t around and the enthusiasm still seemed to be genuine.

Meanwhile in the booth at AFM we are having steady meetings and getting into negotiations for some new territories. The market overall is not a great one — the number of buyers is down over last year — and last year was down over the previous year. But the good news is that David Suarez, our head of sales, mounted a massive phone call campaign using 8 unpaid interns to call all our buyers and set up meetings so we’ve been having steady meetings from 9:30 in the morning until 7:30 or even 8 at night. David has been unable to take a lunch break –we’ve been getting him a sandwich around 4 or five PM. I’m taking sales meetings too for the first time in a few years and am getting back into the “sales and marketing” mode.

More soon…..

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2 Comments on “First Screening!”

  1. Joe Says:

    Ok, so when will the video be out to buy or rent??? We were in the bahamas when you were filming there and got to meet alot of the crew & Daivid Keith(we are huge fans of his). We are anxiously waiting on the movie to become available.

  2. Giochan Says:

    Really great news!
    I live in Italy and I am a huge fan of Paul Wesley.
    I created a fansite dedicated to him and I can’t wait to give to my followers ( lots from different countries ) a wonderful news about your movie!
    I really like the trailer and I am pretty sure that it is an excellent movie!
    I hope that you find international buyers too!
    Otherwise I will surely buy a dvd region1 if it gives me the only chance to watch BTB!:)

    Hope to read other good news real soon!
    Good luck!


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