We Have a Movie!

Well, I am pleased to report that today (yesterday, technically), at 5:14PM, we officially delivered the baby — Beneath the Blue came forth into the world as a complete (if not “completed”– more about that later) movie. I have not slept more than two hours in any of the last four days …….nor has Mark Linthicum, who is a true hero you will meet at the premiere……It’s been a non-stop push to the finish but we made it and what we have looks more promising than anything I’ve been associated with thus far.

The crazy part of this is that while I’ve been in the mad push to deliver the baby, the rest of our “lean team” at Quantum has been pushing just as hard to get ready for American Film Market, which starts tomorrow (6 hours from now, to be exact — technically today).

And it’s crazy indeed.

As I was delivering the hard drives to the lab for creation of the HDCAM master that will be the source for the screening, I got a phone call from Freddie Naff, our production designer on Karla and Eye of the Dolphin, whom we had engaged to create a mega-cool but ultimately low-cost look for our suite at AFM. I have been pushing really hard to upgrade everything even though we are downsized. I made sure all our trailers are HD; that we have two ultra sleek HD TV’s in the room to show the trailers on; that our overall “look” is slicker than anything we have done previously. Freddie came up with the following design (never mind the actual posters — this is just a design template …. believe me, Beneath the Blue gets primary placement)…….
poster wall logo layout

Pretty cool, IMHO….

Anyway, so as I was delivering the film on hard drives to the duplication house, completely sleep-deprived of course after the big push — the first problem was that when the dup house put the project file up on the computer, some final last-hour changes that Mark and I had made were not there. There was a fade-out of the music on the end credits that was no longer there; and an effets shot that we had put in at the last minute. So there was a sudden crisis about the hard drive and what was on it, and whether it represented the final final thing we had done.

And just in the middle of this, while I’m making multiple conference calls trying to get all the right people talking to each other about the problem with the master, suddenly I get a call from Freddie who is near hysterical at the beginning and then truly breaks down in tears. Turns out he was on his way to AFM with our entire cool wall display roped onto the roof of his car, when he stopped off at IKEA to buy some last minute things — and then came out to find that whatever was on the roof of his car (our entire AFM office, basically) was gone. I’m not kidding. You can’t make this up.

So … the good news was that all of the stuff either came from IKEA, or a printer who works 24/7, or an art supply house …. and so I ended up going to Ikea and buying replacement stuff for all the stuff from there, jammed it into my car, while Freddie and the other members of our little family fanned out to get the rest. The bottom line is that now, as of 1:43am, it looks like we will be fully where we were supposed to be, but instead of being there by 9am tomorrow, it will be 12 noon before we are there. In the meantime, we have an entertaining story to tell about our office being stolen from an Ikea parking lot.
Anyway, that’s the report as of 1:44am.

AFM in 6 hours.

First screening of Beneath the Blue in 30 hours.

Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement and support. They really help. I apologize if it seems like an unseemly scramble but this is how it is.

By the way, there was a World Series game 5 tonight, right? Yanks were up 3-1. What happened?

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One Comment on “We Have a Movie!”

  1. Judi Murphy Says:

    Congratulations on the birth of our baby! Also, the ride has been entertaining and exhausting to say the least, and I’m just reading about it. I can only imagine what it has been like to live it. Is there a movie within the movie?? You’re right Michael, you could not make up all of this stuff…Looking forward to meeting everyone next weekend in Melbourne. 🙂

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