Next Day – Nov 1 (actually Nov 2 12:44am)

Disaster strikes.

I kid you not. I haven’t slept more than four hours a day in the last ten days. We worked our way through the whole weekend. Halloween? Not. College football? Not. USC got absolutely hammered by Oregon and I only heard about it the next day……Is there a World Series going on? I know it’s the Phillies and the Yankees but that’s it. And I’m a sports addict.

Today we had a miscommunication. Mark Linthicum, my “Mr. Everything” in post, is leaving for a vacation on Tuesday at 9pm from LAX. I somehow thought he was available to help us finish the mix and visuals for the Nov 5 screening through Monday but it turns out no, he’s not. He’s got another client who needs him and he’s been trying to “signal” that to me without beating me over the head wth it. Problem is, we got to 5pm on Sunday when he said, in essence, I’m dont at 8pm tonight. I freaked because we have another day’s worth of work to do. The good news is he’s provided, over the last week, someone who can help. But still…Mark is THE man…. David Bartlett is great but we’ve never worked together and now all of a sudden it’s going to be David in charge of the mix.

Meanwhile, because of our beleagured status, I’m more hands on than ever …. the opening credit sequence? Me. The end titles? Me. The dolphin sounds throughout? Me. It’s 12:48am Monday morning. I have no chance of sleeping. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to make a movie that I care about. I can show you hundreds, thousands, who only dream of that opportunity. But I’m “runnin’ on empty” here to some degree.

Meanwhile our whole sales/marketing team is gearing up for AFM and there are a million issues there that I’m responsible for as well. I won’t even start.

But we’ll get it done.

This has been a six minute post. Back to work.

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