October 31 — 11:40PM

Well, it’s Saturday night, Halloween — we’re still here at 11:40 and looks like another 2-3 hours before we can break, then we have to start up at 8am tomorrow and even then it looks like this will spill over onto Monday before we finish. Our actual deadline for delivering to AFM for the buyer screening is end of the day Monday. By then I will be a limp dishrag for sure, as will Mark Linthicum and David Bartlett.

We have been jamming on three levels since 8am this morning.

1) David Bartlett has been doing atmospheres and laying in sound effects. (Atmospheres being an overall ambient character — often very detailed — for each major environment. Of particular concern is the undersea lab environment and he’s spent a lot of time on that. Also the SURTASS Low Frequency Active Sonar sound…. this is a tricky one because we want to make it realistic but there are limits to what you can do in a theater without blowing out the speakers or having things distort. So we are pushing the envelope on that. Also all of the environments– underwater, beach, the exterior of the dolphin research center. Understand that when we record live, we mike for the voices so there is an attempt to minimize the environmental sounds in order to get clean dialogue. But that means that for presentation — never mind final final cut — we have to recreate and re-imagine a lot. So David’s been doing that.

2) Mark has been working on visuals, completing the last of the special effects shots and checking the color timing and a dozen other things about he visuals.

3) My job has been to sit across from Mark on another computer/editing console where I’ve been finalizing the dolphin sounds throughout the film, pulling from a library of thousands of real sounds — plus creating and utilizing the artificial “whistle language” which Hawk uses to engender human-dolphin communication. I had done this in rough draft before — now trying to make it as real and close to final as possible. My other two jobs have been to do the opening title sequence and the closing titles and I haven’t done them yet. Bogged down on the dolphin stuff but I’m getting there.

Additionally, Mark and I and David viewed the film this afternoon and took notes and I came up with the following list of “fixes” which we have to accomplish between today and tomorrow. They won’t make much sense reading them in the abstract — but give a sense of the process by which we are whittling away and getting down to a bottom line.

The first column defines what kind of fix — SFX (Special Effects, Color Timing, Sound, etc).
The Second column indicates who called for it — “Both” means Mark and I both want it. “ML” means it’s something Mark wants done. And “MS” means it’s something I want done.
The third column is Priority — A+, A, B, C. We will get the A+’s and A’s done for sure, and some of the B’s. C’s are for another cut another day.

SFX BOTH A Up ahead in that Naval base (need the island)…..
SFX BOTH A need it again ….”you’re in restricted naval waters…
SFX BOTH A Island establishing shot after the speech
SFX BOTH A Island morning of final confrontation — chase etc
SFX BOTH A another missing islandn AS RASCA IS ON THE WAY……..
SFX BOTH A Two more island shots in the chase
EDIT BOTH A we use the same shot atthe beginning of the movie and the beginning of the demonstration scene. We need t o swap out that shot.
SFX BOTH A second dolphin in experiment 7….
SFX MS A Can see 40ft sign in the BG behind raca at the bottom…….also can see lots of freckles/different skin tone on the girl…wonder if we can fix that easily?
FRAME BOTH A+ Remove the trainer’s hand….
SFX BOTH A+ temp shot graphic” … need to work some of the new footage into this.
SFX MS A shot of beach right after hospital — is this the same one we use later at the end? same two people swimming…..(yes, confirmed…..need another one, or take the two swimmers out in the foreground from one of the shots)….
SFX MS B Anchor chain when Craig goes in the water…..
FRAME MS A Boom in the shot—-over craig and alyssa…..
SFX MS A Review ferry in last scene — may have to be taken out of one shot.
SFX MS A Rosca Rosca Rosca….spelling…..
SFX BOTH A Fuckin’ fin shot…….

SFX B A Make the slowmo better and smoother on the dolphins — afterefects…..
SFX ML A stabilize and de-noise three dolphings jumping
SFX MS A Photo effect of Craig’s photos needs improvement
SFX MS A On the second split scren POV of the platform (Rasca’s POV) maybe we can do a digital zoom to make it feel like motion?
SFX MS A Platform has to be taken out.
SFX BOTH A Rasca hears pinger — capacity turned down.
SFX BOTH A Shot of the jetskis from platform look fake …. jetskis too saturated or something…….
SFX MS A What happened to the zoom on the first shot……
SFX BOTH A Same shot seen before — remove two people from water
SFX MS A+ Cut from alyssa after “another group of dead dolphins” has a wild frame in there I think………
SFX MS B experiment — color of the donut doesn’t look white enough ….
SFX MS B Not sure about the choie of Hawk’s picture on the “dialogue computer”…..
SFX MS B Wow the snout on that dolphin is a mess. Maybe we should try to clean it up (for Veronica’s sake?)
SFX MS B Roof is kidn of hot white—helluva bright moon
SFX MS B That first shot of the mood could use a cloud or something other than pure black all around it.
SFX MS B On the shots of the ship, I feel like the moon should be in the left side f the frame, not right…..not sure why — has to do with the first shot of the scene having it that way….it’s like w’ere crossing the line………
SFX ML B DOLPHIN IN FIRT UW SHOT… can probably wait until future….
SFX MS B Rasca scars really visible…….
SFX MS C can see paul’s tatoo when ie’s trying to save alyssa…….
CT MS A blue water on dolphin shot from eod — looks green……..
CT ML A Color correct the lab when she walks to the screen to get hawk
CT MS A fish fry “you’re not messing with me — color timing is uneven…….
CT MS A color timing note — one of the shots whern they are coming into the pen is much greener than others. need to look at that.
CT MS A when Alyssa and Rasca swim, add blue to the water if possib le
CT MS A Check the water match …UW shot is blue/green, then above water shot where we see the flashlight the water is brown …then at the end when we are on Hawk on the surface it’s a bit b blue. Need to color time – smooth it out
CT MS A When Rasca goes under the boat after reunion, why so red….
CT ML A Sonice fx shot graphic …..color time the water…..
CT BOTH A Bring blacks down on shot of Hwk and Daniel coming out to see Blaine…..
CT MS A Flippin fin needs to be more blue, less green….(eod shot)
CT ML B Too much color in opening 20 minutes………..
CT MS B There is a shot just before the first above water shat of the boat that is so dark — can’t tell what it is
SOUND MS A DUVEY…….on phone. sounds funny b ecaue her name is funny — can we lose this.
SOUND MS B can i feed her some fish — may be hard to understand……….
SOUND MS A music at the fishfry second half …. need something radically different.
SOUND MS A research center tomorrow — kita’s line (sound gliche)…….
SOUND MS A pull down the sound of the glove coming off….
SOUND MS A James Harers is here to see him — dialogue glitch.
SOUND MS A source music at beach restaurant Gwen/Craig?.
SOUND MS B The dolphin they called Rasca should be “call Rasca”…remove “d” from “called”..
SOUND MS C for a little “while” nto “waal”
SOUND MS B “hate to see your career end like that” — sound glitch? Check.
SOUND BOTH A Hear some director voice
SOUND MS A I thnk you’re insane some verbal blitch….
SOUND MS A Hawk’s Okay this is as far as we cna go — ready” doesn’t sound right…maybe we lose it?
FRAME MS A Stop your vessle…punch in a bit. Double is VERY obviousl…….
EDIT ML dissolve to alyssa and dolphin perhaps shold be a fade out and fade in. something about the transition from the title sequence dolphins (abstract, somewhere out there) to Alyssa and our dolphin, is not quite right.
EDIT SJ B alyssa’s jiggly butt on boat…….
EDIT MS A lose shot of external speaker
EDIT MS B Check continuity on baby on line “to them I’m not a good guy”
EDIT MS B frist shot of water when kids see rasca….may see a little bit of bubbles from a rasca jump……
EDIT ML A bar transition bothers mark
EDIT BOTH A we use the same shot atthe beginning of the movie and the beginning of the demonstration scene. We need t o swap out that shot.
EDIT MS B Maybe trim from the head of Officer Michael Zombie departure
EDIT MS A Yeah, the whole date is too long…….people are going to get impatient. Need to get to the kiss quicker….
EDIT MS A Important: Not sure about Rasca’s last shot leaving the rescue …. did we get any new shots that could help? Maybe a speed run w edidn’t use? This is the worst transition in the movie …. bet we have new material that could help.
EDIT MS B More shots of Gwen trying to get Rasca to cooperate……
EDIT MS A tamika’s speech may need dialogue lift….i’m not sure about one line — need to listen to it and decide. afraid it might be over the top…..i think shen she’s said ‘the’ve crossed a ine and we can’t allow it to stand…..we fight this together, as a family”…….I think a piece of that , probably “crossed a line and we can’t allow it to stand” may need to go.
EDIT BOTH A Same shot ttwicefrom the side of the boat — before “thermocline” line…..
EDIT MS A Lose the shot of the driver looking like a dope…just go to his hand…
EDIT BOTH A Flare…….cut out one shot?
ADR MS C made it to two minutes should be “made it to 100 feet”…..fix in ADR

And that’s where are as of what is now 11:57PM on October 31st.

Back to work. This is exhausting but exhilirating too.

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