Apologies and a Quick Summary

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. There have also been a few expressions of concern because it’s Friday and I’ve only gotten the ‘live blog’ up through Monday. Folks, it’s turning out to be even more intense than filming and I’m just not getting it done (the blogging). So here is a brief summary. I do want to go back and give more details but don’t want to leave those hanging who are getting nervous:

26 October – Monday – Final Filming
Weather cooperated better than expected. We got the essentials without too many dramas. Team in Bahamas is finished. Thanks a TON to Paul Mockler, Siobhan Antoni, Sarah Hamilton, Veronica Cuccurullo, and Mark Linthicum.

27 October – Tuesday – Travel Back
Mark Linthicum and the camera and housing and footage all arrived back without incident. Mark and I viewed/reviewed the footage. Meanwhile Nathan Pena and I kept working on the color timing, (which had been going on all weekend), and David Bartlett continues with sound. Also working with 3D digital artist Caleb Campbell on the 3d shot of Navy sonar in action. Struggling with that a bit. It may not be ready for the Nov 2 deadline for this cut. We can live without it if we have to.

28 October – Wednesday – Editing and Insert/computer screen shooting
We’re editing in the new material. Got the biggest headache of all completely solved — so that’s a big relief. The big scene at the end is in good shape now. We are also shooting inserts of documents and computer screens. There are a ton of these and it’s been a lot of prep to get the screens ready. The good news is, we can shoot, export, edit and see how it looks, then shoot again all in the same space and time due to the digital aspects. This is great in terms of being able to fine tune. We’re up to 16 hour days now.

29 October – Thursday – Editing and insert/computer screen shooting
Finally got all the shots done and everything edited and a final “locked picture” for the AFM cut. Done. 2am. Now we’ve got a mad scramble to finish the things that you finish after you lock the picture – sound, music, opening and end credits. But at least it’s locked and I don’t have think about making those decisions anymore and it looks great. This last bit of work has REALLY helped.

30 October – Friday — Finishing
Another long day. I’m chasing dolphin sounds — trying to get more good ones for the final mix. Have some interns helping on that. Listening to final music, making tweaks with the composer. Mark is working on effects shots and continuing to polish the visuals now that the picture is locked. David is working on sound effects, background sounds, and the navy sonar sound. I’ve got to deal with the opening titles and make sure there are no contractual booboos even though this is not the final cut, and make it all play nicely. And the end scroll, which is also subject to change but needs to be there. Then tonight we are going to view and try to spot any big problem areas that we may have missed.

Two days to go.

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