25 Sunday — Shoot Day 2

6:15AM PST: Text Mark Linthicum to Michael Sellers:

“Very very windy. 30 MPH. Can’t do anything in open water — no dolphins, no jetskis. Cannot take any boats out past the jetties. Will do what we can in the pens today. Tomorrow is supposed to be bad too.”

This is very bad news. We have lots of stuff that needs to get done in the open water including a couple of critical shots from the end of the movie that are half the reason we are back in the Bahamas.
Here’s a picture of the wind sent by Siobhan:
Picture 128

9:15 AM PST
They are shooting in the pens and I’m trying to figure out, with Siobhan’s help via Skype, how we can creatively get open water stuff done without going out into the open water. I’m using Google Earth to make some maps and diagrams of things I think we might be able to do. The first thought is that there is an area adjacent to Unexso where, if we could get Siobhan’s boat (which is Hawk’s boat in the picture), and borrow the UNEXSO dolphin handling boat, (which is almost a match for the Navy Marine Mammal Program boat in the movie), we could get some critical shots by positioning ourselves in the inlet looking out to sea through the jetties. We could get boat to boat shots that are supposed to be at sea — but get them in the inlet, then use computer graphics to take out the jetties and add “regular” sea. I put together a Google Earth shot of the area I want to shoot with some arrows explaining things and skype it to Siobhan. Here it is:
Picture 124
The picture shows UNEXSO and its pens on the left — then the open area where I propose to shoot looking out toward the open ocean through the jetties. It’s a big cheat but it could work.

No, Siobhan says. She can’t get her boat over to UNEXSO. She would have to take it out into the open ocean. Can’t be done.

Okay, then. What about doing the same thing near whatever jetties her boat can get to — and get an alternate “Navy Marine Mammal” boat from that area. She tells me where her boat is moored and I look it up on Google earth and make a new map. This area is not as promising for a variety of reasons — the water looks to be darker generally until you get to the jetties and the jetties are closer and narrower than the ones near UNEXSO. (By the way I know these jetties — they are where we shot the conching scene in Eye of the Dolphin). So here is the new diagram:
Picture 129
Along with the diagram I send the following ideas for what we can do there:

Here is an overhead of Siobhan’s inlet area with two areas marked where we might be able to shoot something use-able, particularly if we shoot around high tide which is around 2pm.

Area A is a little wider but the water looks pretty grey/murky even in this shot.

Area B is likely to have better looking water but could have a strong current — except right around high tide when it might be reasonably calm and we could do something.

Mark, area B also has Jetties….

Things I would think we could at least try to shoot here:

POV from Gwen’s boat looking at Hawk’s boat as he stops.
POV from Hawk looking back to Gwen’s boat as she almost comes to a stop.
Possibly a small piece adding one more shot to the end of the chase/apprehension of Hawk,which as we have discussed is one of our biggest problems. If we’re tryingto do this in Location B, we might just have to paint out the jetties and it could look like open ocean.
Perhaps an iimproved shot of Gwen’s boat going out through the jetties.
And if we really want to get ambitious, a POV from Gwen’s boat as it s slowing down say 100ft from Hawk’s boat, in which we catch a glimpse of the dolphin fin in the water beside Hawk’s almost-stopped boat. It could be on the far side of Hawk’s boat from where Gwen is — so just a glimpse of it somewhere around the bow.
And you could just shoot a plate of the dolphin fin person in the water from the right angle and a plate of Hawk boat from the same angle — then we could marry them together in post so it might not take long to shoot.

Siobhan says she’ll try to make it happen.

Siobhan came up with the boats and they’re in the water shooting now in Siobhan’s inlet. Text from Mark: “It’s working. We’re getting stuff.”

The’y’re wrapped. Last text message: “We got tons.”


And we’re supposed to have bad weather tomorrow. Still not a great situation but we salvaged a lot from the day. Not the disaster it started out to be.

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