Some Sample SFX Shots We’re Working On

I’ve mentioned in some recent posts that we are at the stage now where we are working on special effects shots, among other post production matters — and some have come in with comments that you’re curious about what SFX shots we have in the movie, since it wasn’t immediately clear to them what these shots would be.  I’ve got some pix here which give an idea of two of the shots — fairly simple ones, but each shot takes a little time and effort and there are over a 100 such shots int he movie.

In the story, Hawk goes to the island of Andros where there is a US Naval Base called “AUTEC” which stands for the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center.   This is a real facility on a real island and is a naval facility that has been involved in testing of Active Sonar — so our use of it in the story is factually appropriate.   Although there are a good number of aerial photos of the facility available on the internet — it was only with some rather long and hard searching that we came up with a water level picture of the facility — but we did find one.  Here it is.

Picture 13

This gave us a good idea of what the facility actually looks like, so one of the first things we did with it was to rebuild the images in high resolution, creating a backdrop that is not an exact match for the “real” facility — but is quite close.

In the story, there is a marine mammal facility at AUTEC.  But we actually had to shoot the supposed AUTEC facility in a corner of the UNEXSO facility on Grand Bahama.  So below is a picture of our set at UNEXSO, without the AUTEC features added in.

Autec Marin mamma before

And here it is after we have “roughed in” the AUTEC background.   This is not a finished product — but rather is a first draft of how it will look, just so that we can get the basic idea into the cut for viewing purposes.  The blending of images will be enhanced before we go to final — but you get the idea.

Autec Marin mamma afterl

Another application of the same background images has to do with the various times in the story when Hawk or others approach Andros, or drive away from it.  Here is a series showing how this aspect of it works:

First, a photograph of a Naval Patrol boat supposedly coming out from Andros Island as it was actually shot:

Navy ship island before

And here is the boat with the island and a naval vessel inserted behind it.  Seen as a still — it’s basically a “photoshop” exercise –but in a motion picture where the camera is mounted on a boat and thus is not stationary, and the waves themselves are moving in the frame — getting the island and moored Navy vessel to “stay put” requires a bit of effort and specialized software. The image below is very much a work-in-progress — especially the island, which is too small and is being reworked and improved.

Navy ship island

Anyway — as noted above there are more than 100 of these kinds of SFX shots in the film and we’re grinding through them one by one.

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