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Important Note to Our Investors

July 13, 2009

Effective today we have begun emailing confidential investor reports for investors only to our email list of investors.  If you are an investor please make sure to enter the following email address into your address book:


That way our messages will not get caught in your spam filter.  I will be continuing to post general ‘behind the scenes’ and completion information about the movie here …. however, we need a channel to communicate specifically with investors, and many of you have said that you would prefer to receive it via email rather than have to go looking for it in a blog.


NY Times Article on Sonar and Whales/Dolphins

July 13, 2009

The New York Times Magazine this weekend published an excellent extended article on sonar and its effects on Marine Mammals by Charles Siebert which is well worth reading.  Beneath the Blue deals accurately and intelligently with virtually all of the issues Siebert talks about. The article was the number 3 top emailed article from yesterday’s Times — so it has had a major impact already.  And the fact that the Times would devote a major magazine piece to this issue is a good indication that our film has a topicality and “newsworthiness” that should be helpful when we promote it.

Here is the link:  Watching Whales Watching Us

ln the Editing Room

July 5, 2009

Editing and post production in general is in many ways the inverse of principal photography.  Rather than having an army of people all mobilized at once in a high intensity, almost military operation — in post you have one or two people in a room, for the most part, hunched in front of video monitors and computer screens.  Yesterday I took a few pix in the editing room — here they are.