About the Name Change

Guest Post by Jamie Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Quantum Management Associates

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to log on and say the feedback so far about the name change from “Way of the Dolphin” to “Beneath the Blue” has been extremely positive — so much so that we’re wondering, quite frankly, why we agonized as long about it as we did.  It seems to be universally perceived as a positive change.   In the midst of all the favorable comments there was one nervous query by one of the film’s investors who was concerned that the name change might have some implication for the ownership structure and might in some way be affecting his position — and the answer to that is absolutely not. The only thing that has changed is the title.  Titles change all the time — in fact something that may be worth remembering is that before Eye of the Dolphin was Eye of the Dolphin, it was “Blue 14”, and before it was “Blue 14”  it was “Spirit of Paradise”.    In that case, as in this, same sort of testing was done and in each case the testing and focus groups supported the final changes that were decided on, but the business structure remained constant thoroughout.  So there’s nothing to worry about on that score.

As for the film itself, we are extremely excited about getting it into the marketplace.  The new trailer is a huge step toward success, as is  the poster and key art.  We will be starting the process of unveiling it in Cannes en route to what is projected now to be a late August US release.  We will be coming online here on Michael’s blog now and again to update about that, and will also be posting information on our blog at www.quantumgroup.typepad.com.

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