As I think many of you know, it’s not uncommon for the original working title of a movie to be changed as it gets closer to time for it to come out on the market. There can be many reasons for this. In our case, we originally selected “Way of the Dolphin” in part because our gut instinct was that “dolphin” was a net positive to have in the title for many reasons — worldwide fascination with dolphins, linkage to Eye of the Dolphin,and so on. However even before we tentatively selected Way of the Dolphin as our working title, we were also aware that there might be advantages to using another title, one that did not have the word “Dolphin” in the title. This was based on feedback we were getting that Quantum Releasing was getting from a number of international buyers (not all, by any means, but more than a few), as well as from some US film bookers and theater reps. There was a general sense that having the word “dolphin” in the title might be limiting the audience rather than expanding it.

So, quietly, over the last several months Quantum’s marketing team under Jessica Kelley have been conducting quite a bit of title research including focus group sessions and communication with distributors, buyers, and theater owners. This has yielded some very interesting information and has led us to make the decision to make a change.

Following is an email that came to me from our head of marketing, Jessica Kelley, summarizing the process and making a recommendation:

After conducting focus groups and speaking with international distributorsover the course of the past month, I am now ready to make the firm recommendation that we change the title fromWay of the Dolphin to Beneath the Blue. Through a variety of means we have established ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that  Beneath the Blue offers more adventure and resonates very strongly in a positive way with our key demographic. Below, I summarize the data that supports this conclusion.

First, after narrowing down alternative title choices, we conducted focus groups of the demographic (females 11-17) as well as people who fell outside of the demographic. A total of 132 participants were informed about the movie and read a synopsis, leaving the film nameless. They were then asked to rank 9 titles (one being Way of the Dolphin). Of the 92 participants that fell into the key demographic, the top three choices were Beneath the Blue, Surfacing, and Smith Point. Of the remaining people ranging from age 18-55, BENEATH THE BLUE made far and away the biggest splash – 34% of the group thought that this was the most exciting title. In addition, they claimed that they were more likely to go see a film with this title than the others presented.

Digging deeper, one of the reasons why BENEATH THE BLUE is so well liked is that it not only lends itself to being an adventure, but also the title builds an association with two blockbuster hits which also targeted much the same demographic – Into the Blue and Blue Crush. Both of these films did extremely well pulling in over $400M worldwide from theatrical and DVD sales.  Creating this association within the same demographic can only boost our film’s sales.

Third, from the conversations with various international buyers, many are looking for a family adventure. Presenting them BENEATH THE BLUE has lead to much intrigue.

In conclusion, the title BENEATH THE BLUE is not only well perceived by our demographic, but also the general population and prospective distributors. In addition, the title creates a great association with two films that did quite well. Therefore, I strongly suggest that we change the name of the film to BENEATH THE BLUE.

So, there you have it. We’ve held off pulling the trigger on this until now so that we could continue testing and making sure that all the data adds up to support the decision to make the change. And the data does just that. In one carefully considered stroke the film’s appeal to the target demographic has been strengthened and its stance in the marketplace has been widened.

Beneath the Blue

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3 Comments on “Welcome: BENEATH THE BLUE”

  1. l jones Says:


  2. Jess Says:

    This is quite exciting. Beneath the Blue is just a fantastic name for this film.

  3. Daniel Says:

    When did this movie comming out on dvd? I think its comming to be a great movie with great actors and actress.

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