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Some More Stills

January 30, 2009

Here are some more stills — I know they’re a little wider than the column so they spill onto the right side of the site but I don’t have time to resize them now. Will fix that later.




January 28, 2009

Pleased to be able to say that principal photography of Way of the Dolphin is finally and officially wrapped! We had a terrific Day 4 of the LA shoot with Michael Ironside, Ivana Milicevic, David Keith, and Paul Wesley. We started at 7am and finished on time at 7:30 PM … done

Photos and stills to follow later today after I dig out from under the stuff in my inbox.

Meanwhile here’s one shot of Michael Ironsides, Ivana Milicevic, and yours truly.


Day 3 Finished

January 27, 2009

We finished day 3, our first of two days with Michael Ironside and he was great. Got home late because I had dinner with David Keith and now am back on set a fewhous later. No wifi where we are now so I am only able to connect with the Internet via iPhone which is what I’m using at the moment. More later…

Day 3 — So Far So Good

January 26, 2009

As of Lunchtime on Day 3 we’re on sked — finished everything in the underwater lab and the forensic lab before lunch. Michael Ironside just arrived …getting ready to do scenes with him and David Keith. Here we go.

Day Two Photos — First Batch

January 26, 2009


Day 2 In the Can — We Got it Done

January 26, 2009

Day Two of the LA shoot is history and this 7 1/2 page day went down quietly, no major problems and we even wrapped a few minutes early. It started out feeling like a risky day because of the page count and the fact that the morning scene involved a baby (well, a two year old), who had to be onscreen for much of the scene. We got a bit lucky — the baby (Christine Adams’ child so the mother-daughter team was a real mother-daughter and that helped) Evan Jean was great.
Bottom line — we have 28 days to shoot in four days and after the first two days, we’ve done almost 16 pages. It’s downhill from here.

Tomorrow — I get the chance to direct 6 pages of Michael Ironside and David Keith going eyeball to eyeball with each other. That should be fun. We’ll see.

Photos in a few …..stand by.

Day 1 Stills Gallery

January 25, 2009

These are just some quick stills and behind the scene photos from my iphone — but there are some nice ones here.

Day 1 Stills Gallery