Gnashing my teeth…….

Elsewhere in this  blog I talked, back in July, about the challenge of getting “all the chickens under the mother hen” — meaning getting all of the actors you need together at the time you need them.  As we have been working to set up the three day Los Angeles shoot that will conclude the last bits of production, we’ve been having the same problems all over again. This is nothing unique to our film but it’s frustrating.  FIrst, during September, it was Paul Wesley’s hair (he had it shaved for four appearances on Army wives). That pushed us into November.   Then there were some other problems that forced to push it to an either/or — either 1st week of December or second week of January.  December didn’t work for several — so it became January … but then some of the key actors had players had films that got into Sundance (announced over Thanksgiving), and now the early Jan is jeopardized.  We are going to get this done in January no matter what — one way or another.

Meanwhile — as frustrating as that is from a “let’s get it done now” standpoint, the extension is helping us creatively as we work through the impact of the Supreme Court Decision on the script and fine tune other aspects.  Plus we have Bahama second unit pickups to do which were going to be done later but now we’ll pull forward ahead of the US finale.

I will say this … in virtually every film I’ve done over the last 5 or six years, having a little add-on shooting on a stage in LA at the end has been a very helpful factor and quite frankly was not this difficult to schedule.  It could be that on this film we have more actors and better ones and they’re more in demand … and that this year is just different.  (Oh, and while Sundance pushes us out of the 10-15 Jan area, there is also the inauguration on Jan 20 that pushes us another week back — David Keith and possibly Caitlin are affected by this.) I don’t know, but this is a part of what producing films is all about and we’ve just got to pull it together, and we will .

I expect to get a fully locked down and irrevocable final date for the two day shoot within the next week.

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