The Shipping Saga Continues

After all of the issues and dramas – the good news is that our truck, generator, and container with all the camera equipment, are on US soil in Miami.  We’re now waiting for all of it to clear customs and hoping that will happen today.  I’ll post an update here as soon as we get an ‘all clear’ that it has cleared customs.


Now we’ve learned that Customs has ordered an X Ray examination of the contents of the container.  This means the container has to be moved to the X Ray Examination location, where it will be X-rayed, generating a printout report (and I guess, X Ray images) that are then presented to Customs who will either clear it based on the X-Rays, or they will require that everything in the container be taken out and physically examined.


Once again — a maddening setback.  We were assured earlier by the shipper G and G that they were immediately taking the container over to the X Ray location — but now we just discovered that they didn’t do that.  Turns out there was a problem with the “chassis”  — the wheeled device the container is mounted on.  G and G now tells us that they had to have some repair work done to the chassis and as a result did not get it over to the X Ray location, which closes at 3:30 PM.  Another day lost.  They have promised they will have it there and be “first in line” at 9 AM tomorrow.  We’ll see.

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