Shipping Rage….No Other Word For It

As you know if you’ve been following this, we have been mounting an absurd SWAT-team all-out effort to get our items finally shipped off the island.  So finally today it was all coming together — three items (grip truck, generator, and container with all our other gear) were fully cleared by customs; we had Bills of Lading already issued — this after a two week ordeal of one problem after another.  Just to be sure, I sent our production coordinator Siobhan Antoni down to the docks to confirm that it had left.  I talked to her an hour ago and she said all seemed well but she wasn’t able to actually get on the docks for another few minutes.  Then, when I tried to call her again, her phone was busy.  And busy again.

So I called our customs brokerage company and that’s when I learned the following.  The shipping company, G and G Shipping, it turns out, did the following.  Apparently when you ship there is one agent on the docks repping the stuff being loaded, and another on board – both from the same company in this case.  So it turns out that as they were about to load our truck on board, the agent on board discovered that there is a charge for $32.50 pending against the truck.  Now this charge has never been presented to us, and as recently as yesterday we were at G and G paying cash for all outstanding amounts (cash because the reason it didn’t ship last Friday is because just before loading, G and G decided that they wouldn’t ship until our check, which had been released to them on Wednesday, actually cleared their account)………

So … this morning, with our production coordinator on the docks trying to verify that everything went on, somehow the G and G agent on the ship refused to accept the truck because of the $32.50 due (which we had no knowledge of)…..and so now the truck is going tomorrow.


I just got off the phone with Siobhan who gave even more details.  Turns out the $32.50 was actually payable to “Freeport Harbor Services”, the company the provides dockside services, and that company had given the okay for the truck to be loaded on the boat.  So G and G had a situation where there was a $32.50 payable and it wasn’t due to them and the party to whom it was due had given the okay — and they still wouldn’t take it.

Rage is the only word to describe the feeling.

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