Phase 2 Begins — Back in Los Angeles

First of all thanks for all the emails and messages of encouragement….didn’t realize there were so many of you out there following this, and I appreciate the good words and thoughts that have come my way.

I arrived back in Los Angeles over the weekend and am now about to plunge back into the normal flow of things — which means not only dealing with the preparation for the LA shoot, but also getting back up to speed with all the other aspects of film, business, and familyl that have been on the back burner the last couple of months.

At the moment — there’s one big open item on the Bahamas wrap of the film, and that is shipping all of our equipment back to Los Angeles.  I’ve debated whether to write about this, and how detailed I should be.  We are generally very supportive of the Bahamas and have been treated very well there by the film commission and just about everyone.  But the shipping situation has been, or has become, a nightmare of epic proportions.  I want to be fair in anything I say and frankly at this point the reasons for the ongoing delays and problems in getting the items released and shipped are not entirely clear to me.  But — this is rental equipment that is costing us $15,000 a week and it’s been delayed for two weeks getting off the docks and out of the Bahamas and this is a very significant problem.  It has been a situation where we’re believing it will leave “tomorrow” for a long succession of tomorrows that never materialize.

Other than that … we’re in a brief hiatus during which we’ll regroup and get the Los Angeles shoot up on its feet.

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