Our Stolen Generator Has Been Recovered

Okay, so there was another drama going on during wrap which I didn’t blog about because it was kind of sensitive but now that it has a happy ending, here it is. In the early morning hours (pre dawn) Friday morning, a few hours before we were transferring all our stuff to the docks for (we thought) shipping that day, our generator was stolen.  This was a rented generator — a $50,000 item that we were renting from Filmtrade in Miami.  We had insurance, of course …. but with a $7,500 deductible so it was pretty painful.

Anyway, I got a call from Siobhan Antoni, our “last person standing” in the Bahamas, that the police found it today and she went out in the middle of the hurricane to reclaim it — and now it’s safely locked inside the gated compound where Siobhan lives, and will go to the docks tomorrow.

I also understand that Donna Mackey of the film commission was instrumental in keeping the police focused on this and that this helped facilitate the recovery.

Thanks, guys!!!!


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