Lila’s Personal Behind the Scenes Pix Are Online Now

Lila Javan, our Director of Photography, has posted her behind the scenes snapshots (285 of them!) online. Here’s the link:

Also, here are a few of the selects I downloaded from Lila’s collection, with some comments. (You can see the pic full sized by clicking on it.)

This one is part of a sequence where, at the end of a shooting day, Lila ended up on the camera boat while I and a small crew took the camera aboard the diving platform that figures prominently in the story. Obviously we couldn’t take too many people on the platform…..(but I wish Lila had been there)….I’m there, in the green shirt, sitting on an apple box in this photo. At this point we were filming a “date” scene where Paul Wesley and Caitlin Wachs were lying on the platform (i.e. daydreaming, lying side by side, talking).

But check this one out which is later, when Paul was standing on one end of the platform, and because of balance problems I had to take my rather large carcass and lie down on the opposite end to try and balance things out. I barely kept us afloat, as you can see……

Anyway … here are all of Lila’s selects that I downloaded. (Disclaimer: Rena made me download the pix of me, since I don’t have many of those.)

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