We’re in “wrap” mode now — busy getting all of the crew and actors out of town and sorting through all the other aspects of finalization of the shoot:  getting wardwrobe packed and sent back to LA for the LA shooting days; getting Art Dept props and set dressing disposed of/stored; making payments to vendors and most importantly getting all the final crew payments done.

We’re also sleeping a little more normally — catching up, taking 7-8 hours a night which seems a luxury as our bodies gradually start coming back to normal.  There’s also an adrenaline issue …. always this way, seems that we’ve been running on adrenaline, especially the last week, so the “crash” is a pretty big one and there’s a bit of lethargy that’s trying to take hold and we’re having to fight it off because there’s still a lot to do .

I’m going to do a “taking stock of what we’ve gotten done” entry a little later today.  In the meantime, just wanted to check in with this short post and let everyone know where we are and what we’re doing.

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