Personal Note — Email and Phone

Just a quick personal note to apologize to those of you who are sending me emails and not getting immediate responses.  I’m just buried and at the peak of the toughest stretch of the movie — serial open water days.  By the end of the week we’ll be into splits (noon to midnight sked) so I’ll have a bit more time.  But pls bear with me in the meantime.

Today is another 13 hour open water so I won’t be able to get online or do anything until it’s over.

Thanks for your understanding.

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One Comment on “Personal Note — Email and Phone”

  1. warren meigs Says:

    Mike, long time no see! To the point – I am still in N-ville and in the ad design business & involved in Playground Recording Studio, built in 68″ in Valparaiso. We have a ton of music properties from then till now from country to soul and in between we would love to get some use out of. It is and was a legitimate place and had a hit or two in its day.
    On special note, we have a story line and music on a artist that had to perform from behind a mask during his entire professional career because his voice sounded exactly like “THE KING”
    their are documents that suggest he could even be a brother
    given up for adoption. Its a 1960’s southern rock & roll heartbreak story that would leave an audience guessing.
    I would love to chat if and when you have time.


    Warren Meigs


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