Day 6 Wrapup: A Huge, Long Day and We Got Most of It

Yesterday (Monday) turns out to be the first day where I just didn’t have the ability to go online at the end of the day and write up what happened — we got back at almost 9PM after 13 hours on the water in what was one of the most difficult — but I believing rewarding — production days ever. It was the first day on set for George Harris and David Keith — and they were both terrific. Here are some highlights:

  • Beautiful weather conditions again — but the surface swell was pretty tough and slowed us down at times, particularly in the morning.
  • But a tough underwater current that Paul Mockler, our underwater cinematographer, said was one of the worst he’s ever experienced. It go so bad that by noon our safety diver decided that we couldn’t put talent in the water any more — and this caused us to drop one sequence that would require this. Fortunatly we had already shot the other sequences that involved putting talent into the water.
  • An 8 foot Bull Shark decided to swim in our area and that caused us to have to pull out of the water, costing us more time. (We always have safety divers in the water spotting for the talent so no one is ever swimming blindly without someone below looking out for their safety).
  • Our medic was busy with injuries which were all minor but give an idea of the intensity we were dealing with. A Camera assistant got a finger almost crushed–I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but he got it bandaged up and continued. Our Script supervisor went into the water to cool off at one point and as he was climbing back onto the boat got his finger caughte in a hinge on the dive ladder that was flapping back and forth in the rough surf. And our key hair stylist got caught in an awkward position doing a boat to boat transfer and wrenched her knee hard enough that she had to go to the hospital. Today she’s walking — but just barely — and she won’t be climbing on and off of boats today.

Anyway — my pictures are mostly from the morning. It got so intense in the afrternoon that I pretty much couldn’t think about taking pix.

Here are raw pix straight from my camera. I’ll edit them later and put them on the photo pages.

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