Day 4: The Weather Gives us a Break

4:30 AM

Just got awakened by huge (and I mean HUGE) thunderclaps.

We’re going out for our open water day, supposedly, in a few hours. Hopefully this is just a passing storm but it’s a huge one.


Okay — it’s all good. Weather is fine now. We’re going for the open water day. I won’t be able to blog until tonight. Hopefully we’ll get this one and it’ll be all good.

9:45 PM

Whew — we got blessed with the most perfect weather day we could have asked for and we got some truly amazing material. More later – but it looks like we picked the perfect day for our first open water day.

11:45 PM

More on today.  We were on the water from 8AM to 8:30PM — and we got a huge amount of very good material including some great dolphin material.  As with everyday – it was a scramble and a struggle to get it all in.  On this day it really seemed like we were sailing along with less white knuckle stress than normal, until we got to a scene at 4:30 in the afternoon that should have taken only an hour or so, but ended up taking two hours plus because of sound problems.  Those who have been following our journey here will recall the “tech scout” last thursday — a scout where we go to each location and evaluate the technical conditions there….where does the generator go? Where will catering be?  What kind of lighting setup?

Well — in this case the scene was on a floating platform which we tech scouted in the harbor, but which on the actual shoot had been towed out to the open ocean.  Turned out the sound of the water whacking against the underside of the platform was just pretty much overwhelming the dialogue. rendering the sound largely unuseable.  We spent a good 45 minutes trying to figure out a way to make the sound work before we basically gave up and shot it with bad sound, knowing we’ll have to ADR (dub) it in post production.  The good news is that the scene was absolutely beautiful…..and the sound will be beautiful as well when we finish it in post production.

In the meantime – that little hiccup through us into “frantic” mode for the final two hours of the day.  In the end, we got it, but it was more of a photo-finish than it would have been had we not hit the snag just described.

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