Day 3: Hump Day!

9:30 PM

Yes!….We got through the day, got everything, and didn’t get blasted by the weather.   I feel like I’m getting my legs under me, too — not quite as tired at the end of the day. We ended at the fish fry, then stayed on a bit, so I don’ t have much time to blog and tomorrow is open water day.  More tomorrow.

4:30 PM

The day is still holding up pretty well — we’re moving over to Smith’s Point for fish fry scenes. This time we’re trying to do arrivals of the actors at the real fish fry — then do the dialogue scenes separately on a night when it’s closed so we can control things. So we’ll have 2,000 “extras” to work with tonight — but only 100 or so on the night we shoot the main bulk of the scene. We’ll see how this kind of “guerrilla grab” approach works……I’ve always wanted to do it but it’s hard to get a crew that can make it work. I think this crew can…

2:21 PM

We got through the morning without bad weather or rain delays and got some GREAT dolphin stuff. Lunch is over now, heading back.


For the first time this week the skies look relatively normal. Forecast calls for intermittent showers but it looks like it shouldn’t be as bad as it has been. There is lots of weather in the Atlantic, though …. and in the Gulf. It looks like the big 110 mile mass of clouds we ran into yesterday was an outer band of something going on way over on the west coast of Florida.

Anyway — meanwhile — this experience has a “boot camp” feel to it — my body certainly feels that way. I got a decent night’s sleep and feel marginally better today — and I’m reminded of what it used to be like when I was going through football two-a-days in high school and college. We had a thing called “hump day”, which was usually the third day or so, when things started seeming easier and you started getting your legs under you. Today’s our third day….I’m hoping it’s hump day. We’ll see.

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