Day 2: Woke Up to Lightning Flashes

9:30 AM

Weather forecasts were wrong. Rain is too much for us to get an outdoor day done. Radar shows solid rain now from here to Bimini, 110 miles south, to Grand Bahama. We’re moving inside for hotel scenes. The move and rain delay is taking a three hour bite out of our 13 hour day. Still leaves us 10 hours to cobble together a day. We’ll end up getting a decent day out of it at the end of it all, but this is pretty frustrating. And there is some cost associated with it — extra days rental for the boats that were in the water for the dolphin scenes, cancellation fees for workboats — probably a $3 to $5,000 hit. Not major …. but it adds up and in our indie world every dollar counts.


Lightning flashes but we’re going to stick to our day. It should be intermittent rain — not steady downpours, so we’ll just have to get through it like we did yesterday. I won’t be able to update during the day like I did yesterday except maybe at lunch. Here are some of the weather forecasts. If they’re right, we should be able to get the day in.

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