Day 1 – Dancing Through the Raindrops (Updated 9:37 PM)

Day 1 Photos

9:33 PM

Day 1 is in the can and we pulled a rabbit out of the hat. We were supposed to shoot on the open ocean — but the weather didn’t cooperate. So we moved our entire operation over to Smith’s Point and mobilized Day 3 and we got it — all but one shot, which we couldn’t get because it can only be done on Fish Fry day, which is Wednesday. But we got the rest, and we did it not only with the flip of Wednesday to Monday — we did it “dancing through the raindrops” of a day that rained off and on all day.

I’ve got a ton of pix and videos…It’s 9:35 PM ….I just got in, took a shower and ordered room service….I will try and publish some pix and maybe videos. It’s very hard — so little time. But I’m feeling good. We have a GREAT crew …. to have pulled off this day and actually walked away from it without falling behind on the schedule was a minor (maybe major) miracle.

More later.

1:15 PM

Lunch. Rain everywhere … but we’re getting our day. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy too — so we’re getting there. I’m putting up a picture gallery either now or at the next break.

Here’s a photo gallery of 15 pictures taken this morning during the shoot. More later.

Day 1 – Morning


We got off our first shot at 9AM which is not bad considering we had to regroup from UNEXSO and do a company move to Smith’s Point because of the weather. Turns out we definitely made the right call re the weather — torrential downpour started right after our first take and we had to wait 45 minutes. It’s now raining lightly but the scene plays well in the rain so we’re okay. We’re on a 30 minute lighting deal at the moment — I rehearsed with Paul and Ivana and now I’ve got 10 minutes in the production office (50 yards from the set) before I have to go back. So far so good, all things considered — we’re definitely dancing through the raindrops.

6:52 AM

It was a very tough call — but we decided to scrap the open water day. There were 5 foot waves — big enough that we would not have been able to tow out the diving platform to the primary site, which is outside the reef. Inside the reef we could have staged the scene but the water is murky gray-green because of the storms yesterday and the churned up conditions. The weather forecasts are in conflict with one another — some calling or thunderstorms all day, others saying only intermittent. We had lightning to the east, and to the north — although there was blue sky above us. All in all — a very unclear situation weather-wise, but since it’s the beginning of the shoot, no reason to push too hard to insist on the open water deal.

So now we’re in Smith’s Point putting together a day here. This means I can leave my computer on in the production office and may be able to update from time to time.

5:25 AM

It’s 5:25AM Day 1. I’m meeting Susan and Lila in the lobby in 5 minutes — we’ll go to base camp and have to make a decision by 6 as to whether or not we go for our open water day. The weather is hard to figure. Right now it’s pretty clear — a few clouds only. But all the forecasts call for at least intermittent thunderstorms thoughout the day. The forecasts don’t seem to be 100% (or even 80%) reliable. I have a feeling we’ll end up going for it….not quite enough justification to dump the day, but also a difficult day to feel comfortable about it.

Anyway — here we go.

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