One Day to Go

We’re to the point now where it feels like I’m in a canoe going over the edge of a waterfall. Everyone is here now … it’s Sunday morning ….we start tomorrow and there’s no turning back now. It’s here. We have to stop talking about it and do it.

Yesterday was a huge day for me — rehearsal day with the actors. Every time we make a movie, when it comes to that period just before the shoot and rehearsals start happening, you discover not only things about the actors — but also things about the script — that make you wish you could have all the actors for a full week of rehearsals rather than just a few days.

In this case — the very, very good news is that this is by far the most talented and intelligent set of actors I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. The rehearsals have been uniformly excellent — and everyone is on their game and ready to play their role.

Aside from giving insights about actors, rehearsals also reveal insights about the script. They reveal weak spots, logical flaws, and other things so if you’re quick enough on your feet you can take the feedback from the rehearsals and use it to strengthen the script. That’s my big job for today — to take what I learned from the rehearsals and apply it to the script. I started on it last night at the end of the day, and now I’m going to jump back in.

Meanwhile — here is a gallery of photos from the last couple of days. I’ve got videos too — will try to get them up soon, after I deal with the script.

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