1145PM The Night Before We Start

It’s 1145 AM Sunday night before my 4:45AM wakeup Monday morning, our first day, and of course I can’t sleep.  How could it be otherwise?   Ivana and Paul Wesley came by and rehearsed with me for 3 hours from 6 to 9 after I had spent most of the day working on script revisions.  They are both total pro’s — all of our actors are, but these two have the task of handling the characters in the rather complex “suspense” angle of the film, and I have to say that they just dug into it and in the process helped expose weaknesses — and propose solutions.  We got through it and we all felt immensely better at 9 when they left.  It was a pleasure — bordering on a joy — to work with them on it.

After that I spent two hours reviewing the shooting plan for tomorrow — made complicated by the fact that we have three possible “days” we might shoot tomorrow.  The primary is all open water — scenes 51-57 where Alyssa and Craig have a date, she free dives, has an accident — some heavy duty action stuff, dolphins, boats, the works.  I think there’s about a 10% chance we’ll actually shoot that, however, because of the weather.

If we have rough water but sun — then we shoot a series of scenes at UNEXSO including one sequence with the dolphin suit which is not quite ready — some last minute things being done to it, so that’s problematic.  But if we have to, we have to — we’ll get it done.

And if we have rain we shoot some scenes in Smith’s Point that we can shoot in light rain — not a downpour — and try to make a day out of that.

Okay — this is probably it until after we shoot tomorrow.

Wish us luck.

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