Euphoria? Sort of…

Now remember…the deal with this blog is that I don’t edit anything. What I think, what I write, it comes out and stays here because if I try to edit it this whole thing will fall apart . All I have are little snippets of time to get something out there for anyone who wants to read it….

So with that as an introduction — I want to share with you that I am positively EUPHORIC toinght — the night that our real crew arrived. It’s hard to explain the energy and comradery that happens, but it’s there and it’s wonderful.

Up until now it’s been this tiny band of generals hunkered in a bunker trying to figure out how to fight a war with too few troops and not enough ammunition………now the troops and ammo have arrived and it’s no longer a matter of thinking and planning — it’s get out there and fight the best you can.

It’s scary in one sense — a feeling of dread is not an exaggeration. Can we pull it all together knowing that we are now (as always in indie films) on the edge, stretching every penny to the max, not enough time to get things done but you have to get them done so it has to be enough time……and you’ve got to be smarter and more organized and more efficient than a “monied” production would have to be.

But all of that…the part that induces the dread … also gets overwhelmed by another part of this — the teamwork, comradery, and sense of shared venture (if not ADventure) and that also kicked in today. We had another 10 arrivals and now all of our department heads and most of their key assistants are here. Our production office was an absolute beehive today — and tonight it was fishfry night so even though most people couldn’t get there until after 9 — by 10 or so we had about 20 of us (including Caitlin Wachs, by the way, who is turning out to be an absolutely terrific team player with great heart and attitude) … all hanging out at the fishfry.

I have to tell you … at that moment — when we’re all there, feeling the excitement of what we’re about to do, and the excitement of the shared adventure — all this whining and complaining and “I’m so stressed” stuff that dominates a lot of my inner thoughts just kind of evaporated and and I began to have that other feeling –that feeling of joy bordering on euphoria that reminds me in a big way of why I put myself (and my family) through this roller coaster way of life. (It’s not a business, it’s a disease.)

The other thing that started happening today is the pace of things here got so intense that I finally was (am) unable to keep up with my emails and other biz — and in a strange way that too was comforting because it just IS — meaning I can’t do anything about it. The best I can do is take 10-15 minutes twice a day to inform everyone through this blog….that much I can do — but hours of correspondence aren’t available and so along with this “disconnect” comes a certain (perhaps imaginary) comfort because I can (must) really focus almost 100% on the matter at hand.

Okay. That’s it. Got to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the TECH Scout for the first half of the day, then rehearsals, then a production meeting from 5-9. I’ll try and explain a bit more about them first thing. Also want to post a video or two if I can stay awake a bit longer.

UPDATE: Okay, I uploaded some raw material to Youtube. I’ll try to edit it later. This is Caitlin Wachs’ visit to the production office — then some stuff later at the fish fry It relates to what I’ve written about above — watch it, you’ll see:.

Caitlin Wachs and Crew of Way of the Dolphin

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