Finally Got a Good Night’s Sleep

Yesterday most of the day I felt like a bit of a zombie … had just gone sleep deprived for two many nights in succession, I guess. But last night I ordered room service, stayed off the internet, stopped working, and went to sleep at 10. Managed to sleep all the way to 5:30 so that’s 7 and a half hours and I feel a lot better.

Finally got the official shooting script published. I’m going to put it here — and also on the story page of the site.

Quick rundown of yesterday.


  • 7AM — Meeting at our Sheraton “lobby office” with the AD’s, DP, Susan,and a couple of others to discuss the schedule and make refinements. We’re trying to get some second unit underwater stuff shot on Saturday before the Monday start of first unit work.
  • 8:30AM – Physical — I have to get one, along with the rest of the cast, (i.e. the cast and the director), in order to activate the cast insurance. Hopefully my stressed out condition will not result in some weird discovery.
  • 9AM — Openwater dive scouting one of our dive sites.
  • 12NOON — Back to the office for a production meeting.

There’s plenty more after that but I’m not sure what it is — will find out when I get to the office.

More later.

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