A Wild Monday and It’s Only Getting More Intense

For all practical purposes the gun has sounded and we’re off — not shooting yet but the intensity level is the same as if we were. Yesterday was a nonstop ride on a bucking bronco from dawn until 11:30 PM. It’snow 5:15AM on Tuesday and I’ve only got about 15 minutes to go through things:

  • Lila Javan and I spent much of the morning parked at a large round table in the Sheraton lobby which is turning out to be more productive than the office — there’s a Starbucks there and wireless internet. We finished the entire week one shotlist and published it to the rest of the crew.
  • While we were doing this (with Lila taking the lead when I had to do other thing), a pitched battle was raging in the background with SAG over our bond amount.  I’m not going to go into the details here — I guess we have to consider them to be somewhat classified.  But it has been a really difficult process with SAG this time in spite of the fact that Susan, Keith (Line Producer) and I have over 30 movies among us without a single SAG violation, and we have prepaid 100% all the actors – yet they are asking for a bond 5 times higher than any we have ever had to do before.  It was sorted out by the end of the day and we have been issued our certification, but not without a lot of drama.
  • Personnel matters were also biting us….a few dramas and changes necessary.  But we got that sorted out too.
  • Earlyafternoon I switched to the script — Susan had made her final notes on my last round of changes and so I was trying like crazy to get through it all — and would have by 6:30 but Susan ran out of gas and time on her notes — turned out I didn’t have the last 20 pages of notes so I could complete.
  • Caitlin Wachs, our Alyssa, arrived at 5:30 and Susan and I were supposed to take her and her manager out to dinner – but Susan was too caught up in the production meatgrinder to be able to go, so it ended up that I and my Kaitlyn (who is after all the original inspiration for Alyssa) and Caitlin and her manager went out to dinner. That, coming at the end of a crazy day, was lovely – it was great to have Kaitlyn/Caitlin together.  Caitlin W is just a wonderful, lively, extraordinarly intelligent young woman and it’s going to be a real pleasure to work with her.  Can’t wait.
  • And after that dinner we joined the Art Department folks, who had gathered to say goodbye to the incredible Rick Bachman — one of our investors who came out 10 days ago and has been hammering nails and building sets with the art department 16 hours a day. He has to go back home but everybody on the team has just fallen in love with the guy, so there was a nice farewell sendoff and it was great that Caitlin also got to meet Rick and share in the party.
  • All of that and back to the room at 11:30.

Here’s a pic of me with Kaitlyn/Caitlin. Sweet.

And here’s one from the Art Department farewell to Rick Bachman — that’s Rick in the red.  RICK, SERIOUSLY MAN, WE LOVE YOU — THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH — TO YOU AND THE WHOLE CLAN.  YOU WERE AWESOME!


So today it’s

  • 5:30 – 7:30 AM: Finish the script revisions and send it off to the AD’s for publishing to the entire crew. (Will post it here for all who are interested as well.)
  • 7:45 – 9:45: Marine scout — visit the water locations. Figure out transit times, get in the water and figure out about depth and bottom configuration for the underwater stuff.
  • 9:45: 11:15: Drive up to the shipyard which will be our Navy base; scout; finalize our location for the scenes there.
  • 11:30 – 1;00: Casting scession — extras and locals casting with Pepper Johnson.
  • 1:00 – 6:00 Scuba certification course
  • 6:00- 8:00: Special FX and media management meeting with Mark Linthicum

I will try to jump on and blog at some point — may be the end of the day, though.

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