1 July: A Different Kind of Day


When this is all over – and it will be, which is something I need to keep in mind — it will be interesting to go back through it and get a sense of the ups and downs and turning points.  For the last few days Susan and I have been getting more and more wound up, not in a good way – I’ve mentioned about our sleeping problems and “gotta get this done” worrying.  And then yesterday three key players arrived — Line Producer, DP, and First AD. I posted about it last night … how it felt like cavalary coming over the hill in a way.   I wondered how it would affect my sleep and there’s an interesting answer to that.  True, I woke up at 4:45 which has become the norm, but here’s the big difference.  Somehow the flood of things to worry about that every other day has pulled me right out of bed immediately — this time didn’t happen, at least not to the same degree. The thoughts were there, but I was able to do what we all do normally in our lives and that was to push the thoughts back down, roll over, and grab a bit more sleep.  I eventually got up at 6:15, which is much more the norm for me and I actually woke up needing/wanting coffee, whereas thse last days I’ve been so wound up that I had to make sure and use the decaf in the room — the last thing I needed was a jolt of caffeine.

Anyway … as I finish this description I’m reminded of my commitment that I’m not going to go back over what I write and edit it in this blog.  What comes out first time is what lands in the post.  I do feel some of that (above) falls into the category of “who cares”…..but whatever, it’ what’s on my mind.

So we’re meeting at 7am for breakfast at Zorba’s, then we will all go on a location scout to all of the locations in the film which will take about half a day.  Then we’ll have a “page turn” with the 1st AD — which means we’ll sit and go through the script page by page, talking about each production issue/aspect at each step of the way, relating what’s on the page to the locations we’ve just seen.  Then I will go huddle with Lila the DP about the shotlists and shooting plan. That should get us to late afternoon…budget meeting after that with the accountant.

So that’s the day ahead.

logout 6:41am

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