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Day 13 – My Pix

July 31, 2008

Again, the intensity and amount of water work kept my camera somewhat quiet for the day. I did manage some shots when we were shooting some surface dolphin stuff. Haven’t had time to sort through them but here they are. These are mostly from a sequence where we were filming the arrival home of the boat “Delphinus” — the research center’s main vessel — and there were about 10 of us on a very small camera boat with three dolphins working around us.


Stills Day 12

July 31, 2008

Day 12 in the Can

July 30, 2008

Another long day on and under the water. I didn’t get to take many pix as I was in the water most of the time. We got some extraordinary underwater footage which I will find a way to publish soon — but my own pix aren’t that great. We are at UNEXSO all day tomorrow. Here are pix — most of them are from my cam, some are frame grabs, and a few of the frame grabs may be repeats from a couple of days ago — sorry, don’t have time to sort it all out …. call time in just a few minutes. I’ll try to get on during the day and sort it out a little better.

Heading Out on the Water

July 29, 2008

5:15 AM

Five days to go to complete the Bahamas shooting…..Tuesday through Saturday.  Today (Tuesday) is another open water day. Call Time is 6AM.  I will have photos and blog info when I get back tonight — probably will not be able to do anything during the day, as I’ll be on the water the whole time.

Week Two — Finished and I’m Whipped

July 27, 2008

We wrapped and ended the week at 2:30 AM Sunday morning ….. another long day. I’m going to need to heal myself a bit tomorrow….We’ll have 36 hours off before beginning the final week. I’ll add photos when I’ve had a chance to rest. Today we shot out Hawk’s house — meaning we completed all the scenes at that location — and we got some incredibly beautiful production value. By the way — our beach where Hawk’s house is situated is, I’m told by locals, the same beach where Ursula Andress came out of the water in her bikini in Dr. No. It really is some of the most beautiful, dazzling water you could ever find anywhere in the world. And I think we’re getting great value from the location.

I don’ t have as many photos from the last few days because we’ve been shooting a lot of night scenes and my cam doesn’t work as well in that lighting — but I’ll be getting pix from other folks cameras and posting them in coming days.  But here are some nice ones — still frames from the movie.

Almost To the End of Week 2 (and a day off!)

July 26, 2008

One more day to go and we’ll be to the end of Week 2. I am ultra-bone-tired . Yesterday our call time was 11:30 AM and we finished at 2AM so we bought some overtime. Managed to get to sleep around 4 — it’s 10AM now and I’m getting ready to go back out agailn. I will catch up on substance tomorrow on our day off. I’m doing my best to keep going on the blog but at the moment the best I can do is post some photos. Survival mode now. But we’re getting exceptional stuff — breathtaking, some of it. Worth the struggle.


July 25, 2008

These are still frames from the movie itself — as opposed to photos taken behind the scenes.  I will try to add more as I get them.