The Cavalry Just Arrived!

I can’t tell you how much Susan I both felt a tremendous lifting of our spirits with the arrival this afternoon of Lila Javan (Director of Photorgaphy), Keith Coene (Line Producer), and Parker Lonbaugh (First Assistant Director) — honestly it felt like the cavalry coming over the hill.  Susan and I have accomplished a lot during the early prep — but now we’ve got help.  In a larger movie, everybody preps for 12 weeks.  In indie films, it’s a lot shorter … you just can’t afford it …. so you have a very small contingent out here for 4-5 weeks and then the rest come in two weeks in advance.

Sometimes people ask — what is all the prep about — and it seems to me that it’s just not clear now many decisions go into every minute of screen time when you see a film.  Every location, every piece of wardrobe, every decision about where the camera goes — all of that reflects creative decisions, and business decisions, and deals, and oftentimes government coordination.  Whatever – a lot of stuff.

But anyway — so great for them to be here.  We had a wonderful dinner… are some pix:


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