June 30–Two Weeks to Go

Today is two weeks out from the first day of filming and the intensity just went up a notch…maybe two or three.  Susan was up at 3:30 sending dozens of emails … I thought she was up early but evidently it was more a matter of being up late.  She crashed for 4 to 7.  I got up at 4:45 and have been pounding non-stop since then on shotlists, shot diagrams — trying to get as many as possible done before Lila (cinematographer) arrives tonight.  We also have incoming Line Producer and First AD so I’ve been jamming getting stuff ready for them — schedule stuff for the AD … budget and cost report stuff for the line producer.

Meanwhile, here’s an indication of what Susan was doing in the middle of the night.  Her ‘to do’ list for everybody — and some people out there wonder what a producer does!


(Keith) – All crew deals should have been made by Jay.  We are currently planning a 5-6-6 shooting schedule.  Deals should reflect that.
(Keith) – Please deliver all crew deal memo information to Angela/Siobhan for each deal memo.  Siobhan should enter all information and print them out for you to approve before each crew member sees it.
(Keith) – Kit rentals.  We told Mike Germaine he could have kit rental for  3 weeks.  I don’t know what other box rentals have been discussed with crew.  Please check with Jay.  We have very little in the budget for this, so let me know when you know.
(Keith) – BB Electric.  We are replacing our previous BB Electric.  Haven’t spoked to the new guy – and don’t think anyone has. Please check with Imre.  Also will need his passport info (for Cornelius who is doing work permits) and for travel.  We need to book his travel.
(Keith) – G/E Swing.  We had hoped to use Julian Lord from Nassau, but he may not be avail.  Please check with Angela on this.  If he isn’t available – we should replace him out of Miami or Ft Lauderdale.  Check with Mike Germaine to see who he knows (even though this person is technically the 3rd in Electric…maybe check with Imre as well – but don’t think he knows Florida crews.
(Keith) – 2nd 2nd AD.  Don’t think we have anyone….don’t know about PAs either.
(Keith) – Stand Ins – we need a male stand in…and to make Lauren’s deal.  Please check with Angela re: Lauren.
(Keith) – Don’t know about Security guys either.  Check with Angela.
(Keith/Angela) – Need local crew – hair/mu assistant, wardrobe assistant, pas, what else?
(Keith/Angela) – Think we have van/driver on next week.  Please check.  Needed for airport runs, cast runs, etc.
(Angela) – Crew travel.  Everyone should have their travel movement/itineraries by now.  Please make sure we have covered everyone.  (Everyone except the BB Electric and the G/E swing)…
(Angela) – Car service/transpo to airport.  Please do a travel movement for car service in LA and cc me.  We have everyone’s addresses at this point – except Paul Wesley’s in NC (think he is getting to the airport on his own, as is David Keith).  Check with me to get addresses.
(Angela) – Cast travel.  I am booking a couple today…the rest when I have a schedule (but no later than tomorrow when James has a sec to breathe re schedule).
(Angela) – Would like to schedule a scout for the morning to show Keith, James and Lila all of the locations.  Michael and I should be on that scout.  We don’t need a van (can take 2 cars).   Please schedule it with Unexso so they know we will be coming by.
(Angela) – Would like to schedule the following meetings for Michael/Me for tomorrow:  3 hours with James to do a page turn; 2 hours with Keith and Cornelius and maybe the Assistant Accountant person to go over the budget, cash flow, protocol.  Suggest an 9am scout (meet at office), 10:30 am scheduling (through lunch – bring lunch in) and then check with Michael about his schedule re doing a budget/accounting meeting.  ALSO – need to schedule a couple of hours with LILA to discuss shot lists.  Again – please figure it out with Michael.
(Keith/Angela) – will need to publish a one-liner to the cast (and department heads) tomorrow as soon as it is ready.
(Angela) – Next week:
Need to schedule 1)dolphin swim  2)trainer for a day  3)diving certification classes for Caitlin and Paul next week.  Depends on what the amount of water work is (hours) to schedule.  Would ideally like to have us in the water Wednesday a.m. for diving and dolphin work, and have them do “trainer for a day” on Thursday.  
(Keith/Angela) – Need to do cast physicals.  In LA?  this week?  How?  When? How much?  Please let me know, and schedule them with their agents.  Michael needs one as well for insurance.
(Angela) – Need to schedule hair/make up tests next Thursday/Friday.  Caitlin will need to be colored and cut.  Should do that Thursday.  Ivana will need color – and will be done the first day of filming (while we are on the water with other cast I think).  FYI – Rockets and Tara are interchangeable.  One will always need to be on set.  Others to set for Friday:  Craig (Paul), Kita (Samantha) and Leah (Duvey).  David, Christine, George & “Blaine” wont’ be here yet.
Cleaned and ready to occupy when? 
Do we have gate clickers?
One side should be the green room, the other hair/mu & Wardrobe.  
The green room side should be stocked with water and craft service.  We should do it – not crafty.  Healthy stuff for actors…fresh fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), etc.  I will do a list – remind me.  In fact if I have time, I will shop it…just need PC.
The Hair/MU/Wardrobe side needs to have the furniture removed in both bedrooms.  Where are we putting it?  Please have all of the Wardrobe racks set up in one bedroom before wardrobe arrives on the island, and have the hair/mu mirrors/tables put into the other bedroom.  Both sides will need extension cords/strips most likely, and garbage cans.  Please check with Keys re other needs.
Make sure bathrooms are stocked please.
Per above, need to set up a meeting asap to discuss cash flow and accounting procedures.  Meeting should be Michael, Me, Cornelius, Keith and accounting assistant.

We should now have complete hotel lists for each hotel, along with arrivals and departures.  Please make sure the hotels are up to speed with list, dates and check-in procedure.
Please put all crew close together if possible.
Please hand pick rooms for cast and let me know what has been chosen.  Note adjoining room needs.  All rooms should be ocean view, top floor.  Need to make sure A/C and internet works in each room as we have had issues with that in the past on this show.

We need to set up an approvals meeting please…and see props, etc.
Need to set up final looks next Friday.
It’s all Angela.  Let’s find out where we are with each location, and what she needs from us re paperwork, cash flow, help.   
Ang – need an update on each location – what is locked, what is needed.

Please discuss with Michael and set up per his requests.  Please cc me.  Where are they rehearsing?  Need a nice cool space.  Will wither hotel GIVE us space?  Comped?  For a few hours Weds – Fri of next week?

Need to schedule both.  Production meeting should be in the big room at the Yacht Club.  I THINK Jay discussed this with them?  This meeting should include food…let’s discuss.
What?  When?  How much? Would like them in their rooms when they arrive.

What?  How much? Would like them in their rooms when they arrive.
Are we on track and what about the Port Lucaya days?  Where?  How much?  Let’s discuss.
(Keith) – Please discuss with Crafty person.  We have very specific numbers for this – and need to go over with her what she will be preparing.  We can’t go over budget here – and liquids are a huge part of this budget.  Will need micro-managing.
(Keith) – All certs done?  Have we covered anyone/everyone/everything?  EVERYTHING?>?>??>
Ahhhh…the constant update.  Everyone should have an up to date crew list, schedule, map of the island, Unexso pamphlet with a note that we get 20% off for crew…what else?
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