June 28th: Eureka Moment at Last

It finally happened.  I figured out how to put together a shooting plan for the big water/dolphin days that is clear, not intimidating or confusing, and still lets me/us navigate our way around the problem of how to maximize the “dolphin time” without having it totally disrupt the rest of the shooting.  I am going to spend a little more time with it tomorrow then post the first big day, and distribute it here.  There are about 5 big days that have to be dealt with.

After I got that done, I took a break and just did some regular days — and that made me feel a lot better too, because I kind of got back into a groove of sorts, rolling through it without feeling like I was stuck in traffic.

One thing I didn’t get done today was the cost report.  Have to deal with that tomorrow but at least the phone won’t be ringing — it’s Sunday.  Not sure I’ll blog tomorrow .. we’ll see.  Off to dinner now.

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