June 25 Log: Another Jittery Morning, Better Afternoon

Lots of good accomplished during the afternoon.  We settled a half dozen things with the art department that are going to streamline our production and save some money; we did, however, take a hit on our grip/electric package and I’m still trying to figure out how it happened.  I thought we had it locked about a month ago at a price the production could afford and then suddenly yesterday it was $10k higher.  Part of that was a requirement for a $5k deposit that the vendor never told us about (we are insured, so the other vendors aren’t requiring such a deposit).  And the rest are “add-ons” that the gaffer and key grip have asked for, plus expendables (gels, things that get used up).

One thing that’s really shaping up nicely is the house for Hawk and family in the movie.  You can see all the location photos at the following link:  WODLocationPhotoGallery.

Meanwhile here is an overhead view of the layout of the facility and Hawk’s house in the story (in reality the house is somewhere else but this is how we will “sell it” in the story, then photos of how it looks now and a sketch of how it will look very shortly.  The art department is going to get this set ready ASAP so we can use it as a “cover set” … i.e. an interior we can go to if we get hit by bad weather.  Oh – and this will also double as the hospital/clinic (a different part of the building you don’t see in the pic)  … so we have three days of interiors that can be shot at this location.  (Click for larger image.)







Susan and I are both waking up earlier and earlier with jitters and nerves.  She was online sending emails about some problems with the grip/electric equipment package at 4:52 AM, and I couldn’t sleep past 5 …. first wakeup at 3:24, rolled over, catnapped — then finally gave up at about 5:02 and was onto my shooting plan at 5:15….so now — at 10:56 — we’ve already had a pretty long day. I’m frankly having trouble with one particular day — the first day — because there are too many “moving parts” in the equation — we have issues about a) when the dolphins are going to be there and when they’re not (mostly not), b) wet-to-dry and dry-to-wet turnaround issues for the actors.  It can take an hour to turn around an actress from wet to dry ….the problem is — the need to shoot out every shot that doesn’t have dolphins in it separately from the shots with dolphins is causing a conflict with the management of the wet-to-dry and dry-to-wet issues in a way that’s got me pulling my hair out.  I think I’ve almost cracked the code on it but I feel like it’s taking far too much time.  Anyway , it was quiet enough until 9 or so….then questions started getting asked over the internet from the staff here — today’s payroll and per diem day so I had to deal with that.  Now I’ve spent about an hour dealing with admin stuff … and it’s 11 — so there’s a chance LA won’t start calling/emailing for another hour.  I’m going to go back to being a director for that hour if I can. 

log out 11:08

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One Comment on “June 25 Log: Another Jittery Morning, Better Afternoon”

  1. AJ Foyt Says:

    Hey there Mike Sellers,
    Here’s a voice from the way past. Carlisle. UofD. Coach’s daughter. Any guesses? Several weeks ago we rented Eye of the Dolphin. Thoroughly enjoyed it. What a kick to see you. Sent a copy to my dad for Father’s Day. Parents still in Carlisle. We’re looking forward to your next movie. Great subject, beautiful place and magnificent animals. If you ever get to the NW, (we’re in Spokane), look us up. Would love to see you. My parents send best wishes.
    An old friend,
    Lisa Evans Hall

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