June 26 Log: A Very Weary Update at 7:43


Where…and I mean WHERE did the day go?  This is frightening. It always gets like this in pre-production.  I think I already said that yesterday but today was even worse.  Up at 5:15AM with this huge day stretching ahead and this sense that you can move mountains … and then 14 hours later you’ve gotten done about 25% of what you wanted to get done, and you’re feeling panicked.  That’s me, now.  I’m making progress on my shooting plan but not enough.  I feel like I’m stuck in a traffic jam just because I’m not zooming through it like I think I should.  It might be because I’m dealing with all the tough and complicated scenes first….but I feel like I’ve gotten about 10% of the movie done in 2-3 days and at that rate I won’t be able to get it done before we start because starting Monday people are going to be arriving and much more of my time will be spent talking, talking, talking.  

Well … for the record, let me try to remember what happened after my 10:43AM update:

  • I did get to to another hour, sort of, of shotlisting and whatever but the emails and phone calls were starting to come in, so it wasn’t that good.
  • Had lunch with Susan Johnson…went over her budget revisions, talked about schedule issues, talked about some location issues, talked about some crew issues….then it was 2PM.
  • Went to the art department meeting at 2PM.  Figured out some solutions to some issues/problems and ended up saving some money without sacrificing production value.
  • Met with the production staff after that … payroll, per diem, rental cars, cost reporting, all of that. 
  • Back to the hotel at 4:30. Maid was in my room so I set up shop in the lobby.  Got back to shotlisting….but phone kept ringing, emails kept coming (primetime in LA) and I don’t think I got much done.  Finally left there around 6.  
Since then I’ve been in the room trying to get some traction again with my shooting plan. Ordered room service….discovered they’ve got a killer broiled chicken breast/portobello mushroom sandwich.  I hadn’t ordered it before because they call it a “burger” and I imagined ground chicken…but it’snot — it’s a chicken breast and it’s really good.  
Onward….It’s 7:53 now.  Can manage another couple of hours maybe, although my brain is really seriously fried now….happens at 14 hours or so.  Same thing happens with crew when you push them too far….the concentration just starts to crumble.  We’ll see.  


10:43 AM

Just got a huge chunk of work done from 6 AM until about 10:15 without any interruptions. Advanced the shooting plan dramatically — although I wish I could have gotten more done than I did.  For me it always seems that what I can get done in x amount of time is less than I hoped to get done in that time, and that leaves me feeling a bit stressed — especially in a situation like this where the clock is ticking down.

I also just did a quick summary of the UNEXSO shooting schedule, with a diagram, for our final submission to UNEXSO.  This is extracted from the overall shooting schedule which is going to be published today.

I’m going to try to go get one more hour of solid work before LA gets up and starts calling.

Here’s the UNEXSO schedule and diagram. This may be of interest not just to UNEXSO, but to any of you who may be coming to visit during the shoot.  This is NOT fully confirmed yet — UNEXSO has to agree to the dates.  But there’s a good chance it will be okay.

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