June 24 Log: (Updated 4:15 PM)

4:15 PM

Terrific afternoon — three hours with only minimal interruptions.  I’ve started taking the shooting plan and adding diagrams for the complicated multi-boat scenes.  Got about 8 diagrams done.  Here’s one, just as a sample.  Click to see full size version.


12:50 PM

Success!  The schedule meeting went well.  We all are in agreement now on the shooting schedule and will be able to publish it later today or early tomorrow.  That’s a major milestone — we can stop thinking about infinite possibilities now and instead focus on the reality of the pathway we’ve chosen to get the movie in the can.  For me – this also makes the “shooting plan” exercise that much more urgent and meaningful — since the plan is often hard to do when you don’t know what kind of a day you’re dealing with.  For example, my thoughts about how to shoot out a particular scene will be tending in one direction if it’s in the middle of a light 3 page day (we don’t have any of those) … and quite different if it’s in the middle of a killer 8 page day (we have several of those). Now that I know, I can plan better.



Weather is good again … mornings seem to pretty good most days, with afternoon clouds.  Although there have been two mornings when it rained a bit.  So far it’s never rained for more than half an hour straight.  If it continues like this we’ll be okay.

Big event for the morning will be the schedule conference call.  Both James (1st AD) and Susan are reviewing it.  I think the biggest thing is that we all are going to feel that it’s a bit aggressive but that’s how schedules have to be in indie film-making.  You’ve got to set the bar high and then find a way to get over it because you just don’t have the budget for a long, drawn-out shoot.  

What excites me about the shooting style we’ll be using this time is that with the Red One Camera (two of them), we will be using a two-camera system that I’ve used once before, in South Africa, and it really accelerates the shoot and lets you get more done in a shorter time.  More about that later as we get closer to filming.  Anyway .. we’ll see how that meeting goes.

Until then — hoping for some quality time with the shooting plan.

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