22 June: A Struggle but in the End a Great Day (Updated 8:38 PM)

7:00 AM

Another beautiful morning, weatherwise, aftera big storm last night.  Up and getting ready to tackle a pretty long list of stuff:

  • React/give feedback to costume design re the latest fitting photos that have been posted online.
  • React/give feedback on the proposed shooting schedule.  (This is overdue, I’ve had it for 3 days)
  • Continue my shooting plans
  • Finalize the last bits of the cost report and meet with the production team about expenses this week.
  • Get someone to try to wrestle the Sheraton billing system to the ground.  They’re driving me crazy … not following the plan which is to pay only for room and tax, not incidentals, but in some cases they’re letting incidentals get charged.

There has also been an upheaval that has to be dealt with.  Jay Smith, our co-producer and production supervisor, is going to have to leave.  Something’s come up for him and he can’t stay — now we have to find a replacement quickly, so we’ll be dealing with that

logout 7:10

6:13 PM

Wow … where did the day go?   Let’s see how it measured up to what I was planning to do:

  • Costume Feedback:  Yes, I was able to get this done but it took longer than anticpated.  It took a good two hours to go through all the proposals, then give notes, then there was still some uncertainty so I have to surf the net for an hour or so finding examples of what I’m looking for and sending them to our designer (who’s great, by the way).
  • Production Meeting:  Well, this one took awhile — almost three hours.  Here’s the list of producer questions that we tried to get answers to at the meeting:
  • Crew Deal Memos (we should have signed DMs on everyone who is working currently).  I gave very specific language to Cornelius – language particularly relevant to Keys re overages, etc.Insurance Rider (I don’t have a copy of the final contract)

    SAG (what is due next and when will they give us a bond amount?)
    Hiring Leah Eneas for Duvey (has that been done? Did you give Pepper the numbers?  If so, Tabitha needs Leah’s sizes and contact info)
    Are there any back-up accountants?
    Updated crew list please.
    Has everyone on your recent travel schedule been contacted and approved re the push?
    If we haven’t been able to reach Julian Lord, who is his replacement?
    Did the little house guy get back to you re: the lease?   Are we putting editing in there .Doesn’t seem like the most secure place given that we just walked in…maybe a consideration re equipment and editing?
    Do we have a receipt for the deposit on the Yellow Duplex?  And a contract?  Haven’t seen our Location Contracts. 
    Please have someone call David Keith’s agent’s office and request his sizes Monday.  I’ve emailed them 3 times about this.  Todd Eisner at APA.
    Did we lock the restaurant/new Hawk’s house location?  What rate?  
    Schedule – I need tentative dates for Unexso days.  Please pull them from the schedule and get them to me after discussing with Mike and James.  Need this in order to do the contract and get them their down payment.
    Does Gabor have the most recent boards?
    What is the status of the i.e. “Lab” set ..what is the National Trust woman saying?
    What is the shipping update?  Did Donna’s Thursday visit help things?
    I would like some numbers from Outriggers Monday please.  Be mindful of what date we want to shoot – and what day of the week – and whether the day of the week plays into whatever he is quoting you.
    Please add Unexso as an “Additionally Insured” on our policy.  I have the info to pass on to Wells Fargo.
    What time/where is the boat meeting Tuesday?  Mike and I should be there as well.
    Are we in constant touch with Tabitha about shipping?  Are we ready to ship her first batch yet?  
    Where are we w/r to Christine’s condo?  What are the options?
    Any equipment issues to discuss?  You mentioned something about the underwater housing?
    Has the video camera for the dolphin work been purchased?
    Do we know how we want to ship back the hard drives yet?  
    Would like to lock down the hospital and shipyard this week please…and make a decision if possible (or at least look at with James) adding the Blaine scenes back into the schedule (at the end).
  • Schedule Feedback:  I’m in the middle of three hours grinding through the schedule, making refinements which I will send back to the 1st AD for his comments.    I’m going to just stay in the room tonight and pound on that.  We’ve got to get to the finish line and publish our schedule so that everyone knows the order in which we will be doing things.  
logout 6:22pm
8:30 PM
Wuhuuuuu!….. Got to the end of the scheduling exercise.  Don’t know if my schedule that I’m putting forward now will be the final one. … I have to give everyone else a chance to troubleshoot it.  But I think I cracked the code and I’m happy with it.  This is a big milestone.  We have a big conference call scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10pm to go over it.  If all goes well, we should be able to “publish” the schedule tomorrow or the next day and that will be the end of this ordeal — it’ll then be a matter of making it happen.
Here are my notes to our 1st AD, and the schedule itself:
And here are my notes to the 1st AD:
Hey……nice job with the schedule.  Some really nice elements and overall I think it’s working.  I understand we’re going to have a conference call tomorrow AM.  I’m sending you a revision to your sked which I hope you can review prior to the meeting.
Two big things that affect the schedule:
1) We got a new location for the Hawk family house and it’s not at UNEXSO, and not in Smith’s Point — about a 10 minute drive from Smiths’ Point.  So this changes it.
2) We’re going to take a shot at shooting the Blaine sequences here rather than in LA. So there’s a 16th day.  The weeks go 5-6-5.
Day 1 — Okay
Day 2 — We start out doing scene 1 in the openwater — so we have our marine/underwater unit mobilized. So when we get back to UNEXSO I added 31 U, which is the most important of the greenscreen/research lab underwater pieces.   I also added 15 to this day because we’ll be shooting right at that location where 15 takes place.   The page count ends up being a bit heavy but it may be misleading since 31U is an underwater thing which we can leave with second unit if necessary and go on to 33 with first unit if 31U is taking too long.  Also — we can move either 27 or 15 to the next day without too much drama.
Day 3 — You had done something pretty clever …. getting us over to Port Lucaya Marketplace for a scene in the square at night at the end of the day.  However … I think since we’re already at UNEXSO the day before, moving the two UNEXSO Navy Dolphin Pen sequences (95 and 103) to day three gets us some page count without forcing us to do a company move at the end of the day ….Also, I absolutely LOVE the idea that we’ll be shooting our long shot (crane shot) of the girls walking down the seaside road to the fish fry more or less just as the actual real fish fry is beginning.  Also — you’ll see that I did something else on Day 4 to buy us some page count …plus SJ and I both felt we don’t want to have to shoot the “kiss” out of sequence……read on.
Day 4 — We move to Port Lucaya and for the first day we have a nice contained day of 5 3/4 pages all in hotel rooms.  (Remember we lost the hotel lobby). So this is a nice day — small set — gives us time to get everything moved up to Port Lucaya without having to jump into the square right away.  Also, the other thing … splitting the “date” scenes creates complications with extras (we may have some doubling of extras cost)…So … I really like this hotel day — it’ll be a breather and yet we get page count and can gear up for a big day on Friday.
Day 5 — And her’e the big “get”.  By using your idea of having Hawk be intercepted on the ocean en route to the Navy Base, we lose the whole guardpost thing which in turn means that all we have to do at the Naval Base/Shipyard is the Gwen/Craig walk and talk 97.  My thought is that we can run up there with a splinter unit in the morning of Friday, get the scene, and leave a lot of people back in Port Lucaya getting set up for the big date sequences in the square.   And even with this jaunt up to the shipyards, the page count for the day is 4 3/4, so we should be able to get it.  It’s the end of the week; we have two days off afterwards; we can get the day and finish the week.
This is a do-able week with a little bit of slack at the end.   I give us an 80% chance of making it and being caught up and if we have to dump anything, it would be 97 (Gwen and Craig argue) and we can drop that back to the end of the sked if necessary.
Day 6 — not the addition of 39 — the former “hawk at the gate” scene.  I also pulled 102 “Hawk, Alyssa use recall pinger” up to Day 6 from day 7. We may not be able to get it — but we’ll be ending Day 6 on the delphinus with Hawk and Alyssa so it’s just a wardrobe change and we could grab it ..
Day 7 — Big day even though the page count isn’t outrageous.  We should get it all or at least get everything that first unit has to do.
Day 8 — Love this day, no problem.  Flows well from the previous day
Day 9 —  Another good day — we should get this, no problem.
Day 10/11 — So … we move to the new “Hawk house” and have two days.  This is a six day week.  These two days fit nicely and it’s a heavenly place to end the week at.
Comment:  Big week, but do-able.  The biggest question mark are the water days and in particular day 7, the finale — can we get that in 1 day?  My thought is that we HAVE to get the first unit parts in 1 day and can just dump the little second unit pieces and pick them up later.
Day 12/13 — This is 14 pages in two days but it’s one set, contained, moving around and we shoudl get it.
Day 14 — Hospital … big day but manageable
Day 15 — Rasca’s Dive … has always been a big day but we can get it.  We have a lighting deal for this place which we figured out last time … minimal re-sets.  We’ll get it in a day.
Day 16 — Blaine.  This is the add — was previously scheduled for LA. It’s 10 7/8 pages as written but never more than two people in a room … same set….and we can trim a couple of pages out of the page count with dialogue trims (I’ve been itching to do that anyway)…..
That’s a big page count but it’s our third week and we should be running smoothly by then.  Plus it’s a series of pretty contained sets/situations.  It will take a serious finishing kick to get it done — but that’s how it should be.   And we can shoot a 6th day on Saturday if we have to.
logout 8:38
happy hour arrives!
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