20 June Log: (Updated 7:10PM)

7:10 PM

Just got back to the room after a looooong afternoon. Started with lunchtime meeting with Susan in which we tentatively decided to go for the UNEXSO build for the family house. But then — no sooner had we given the go signal on that — I found a location that made me want to rethink that decision.

The problem previously was that the ‘house on the beach’ option was a house that was too pristine and too upscale — it just didn’t offer enough to overcome the advantages of having the family house and the facility be all together.

But then this afternoon I found something that did give me pause. Here are some pics:

First of all — the pic on the right would be the family dinner table on the outdoor deck. Imagine it suitable dressed … with bougainvillea and vines on the wood frames, a nice table … etc. But look at the water – it’s not showing up too well in this picture but it’s dazzling…….and around the house there are beautiful palms….let me get a pic of those too. Here’s one. As you can see — again — beautiful water and the palm trees … the whole package.

And then the interior space we would have to work with has the kind of aged, ‘humidified’ beachy natural kind of feel I’m looking for and which is very hard to find. Check this out.

I love this — the window looks out on the ocean and the deck you saw earlier. The colors are wonderful — true Bahamian. Really like it.

Here’s the view out the window. (It’s actually down the page a bit…can’t get it to appear here for some reason and no time to worry over it.)

After that…back to the hotel, did some photoshopping of the pix, then met with Susan to discuss….we agreed to hold off on final decision to give this time to simmer.

Then down to the Production office for two hours of finance/accounting meetings…vendors, payroll, payables….and a quick half hour meeting with Paul Mockler to discuss status of the underwater filming plans. Now back at the hotel, jamming this out, and on to dinner.

log off 7:35pm

11:26 AM

Back from the art meeting which included a lengthy trip to UNEXSO to go over all the pros and cons of building the house there, and to meet with the UNEXSO people — particularly Veronica Cuccurrullo, the head of the dolphin program and facility (UNEXSO has other programs and facilities, not just dolphins) to go over how various scenarios would play out in terms of disrupting or not disrupting their normal flow of guests and tourists. In the end I think we hammered out something that will work for everyone and the art team is going to go back and make sketches, plans, and budgets.

Susan didn’t come to the meeting — she was tied up making travel arrangements for actors and working on the last few deal issues with a couple of the actors — no dealbreakers, just final language. Some of that can get pretty silly, maybe not intentionally so — but to give an example, the contract reads that dressing room facilities for this actor will be “most favored nation with all other actors” meaning no actor gets better facilities. The lawyer for the actor wanted it to read “most favored nation with all other actors and producer and director.” And our attorney said, in essence, but the producer and director don’ t have a dressing room. And the other attorney said, we don’t care, we want the language. Other thing in play with a couple of the contracts are things like photo approval, non photographic likeness approval, and things like that. But this is almost done …we have executed contracts for most of them now.

log off 11:32 AM

8:49 AM

Two hours later and I haven’t moved…that’s what dealing with spreadsheets and financials does to me. Anyway — got a lot done. Have largely updated everything and now just need to go in for one more session of analysis vis-a-vis budget and cashflow projections. So far so good … we aren’t taking any significant hits and the contingency is intact. (Yes, sometimes the contingency starts evaporating even in pre-production as you start locking down the best deals you can get – but those deals are still above budget. So far we’ve been able to absorb any surprises from savings in other categories. It’s only when you run out of those “pads” that you have to touch the contingency.

Anyway — time to shift gears and go to the art meeting.

(Logged out 8:52AM)

6:39 AM

Weather’s beautiful this morning, which is remarkable only because it hasn’t been that great the last several days. Yesterday in particular it rained off and on — not so much that it would have shut down filming of “regular” scenes, but it would have been problematic for open ocean scenes. We think we have a pretty good handle on what the weather should be like — we shot here three years ago during almost the same time frame. But still … we are scheduling as much of the water work as possible in the early part of the shoot so that we can push it to the back if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Today’s most important meeting is with the Art Department at 9:00. We’re headed toward making a decision about whether we will build a house on the facility at UNEXSO, or use an existing house on the beach a few miles away. I have a feeling we’re going to end up with the existing house on the beach but not for the reasons everyone is thinking ($$). l think the determining factor may well be that we don’t want to wear out our welcome with UNEXSO. They have been gracious and cooperative but construction on that level at their facility may strain that goodwill and we’re going to need plenty of it. So … that will weigh heavily in the decision.

Here’s the board showing the two choices. Click to see large picture.

Anyway … back to the cost report for the next hour or so.

(Logoff 6:59 AM)

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