Issues of the Day

So here are the eissues of the day:

  • The Production Designer is having trouble finding a way to create the house we want at the UNEXSO facility. The idea is that Hawk and family live right on the facility, and there is a spectacular beautiful location right there that is perfect. I’m willing to have the house be mostly an exterior…and the scenes to take place on the porch, in the yard. I thought we had it cracked but now I’m hearing all kinds of “it costs too much” comments. I have to look into this. It’s a shame that at this stage, when we’ve spent as much as we have getting here, that a matter of $5,000 could decide something like this. But there is also the matter of overall discipline — when you start breaking the budget, it can really crumble. Tomorrow at 9 am we’re meeting.
  • Spoke at length with David Keith about Hawk. He has many of the same concerns I do about the way the character is written. We’re really trying to figure this out. Hawk was a problem in the first movie, and he seems to be problem (and an opportunity, if we sort it out) in this movie. I took copious notes; SJ and I will go over it in the morning. No easy solutions.
  • I also took some time at the end of the day to re-do the Cast bios — pls go check them out. They’re good now….really come closer to capturing the value of what we’ve put together.

Oh, and one more thing. Wasn’t Tiger awesome … and GO LAKERS! Game 6 in 5 minutes. I’m done. More tomorrow.

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