Welcome to an Experiment That May Become Mission Impossible

Welcome to my experiment at trying to “liveblog” my way through the making of “Way of the Dolphin” — a film I’m directing and exec producing this summer in the Bahamas. If Anderson Cooper can do it during the commercials on AC 360, I guess I can do it while we’re making the film. The idea of doing this came about with some encouragement from those of you who regularly read my private blog for our investors, and some other friends who are blog savvy and thought it might be interesting if I try to chronicle this adventure as we go along. I’m calling it “live blogging” rather than something else (journal, diary, whatever) because I want to ask you all in advance to cut me some slack — this has to be done on the fly, rule number one — no rewriting or editing — because of the time pressures during production. I’m going to just hit this hard on the fly and make sure that I put something in here at least daily — whether it’s a written blog update, posting some pictures, posting video — or even doing audio updates (thanks to the technology I can basically just turn on my computer and start talking, then save it, and post it here). So … not quite sure how this will turn out but here we go.

As I write this post we are exactly four weeks out from the first day of filming on July 13. I’m sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, where we have a great rate of $109 net per night and where they have free wi-fi in the lobby. It’s 7:10 AM and I’ve been here for about an hour or so. I’ve been here 10 days and after I get this “starter” post in I’m going to go back and post some other material and videos that I’ve made over the last ten days–sort of an effort to get you caught up.

Here on the ground now in the Bahamas from our team we have:

  • Yours truly – Michael D. Sellers, Executive Producer and Director.
  • Susan Johnson, Producer.
  • Jay Smith, Co-Producer
  • Angela Carrol, Production Coordinator
  • Cornelius McKinney, Unit Production Manager
  • Gabor Nelson, Production Designer
  • Alan Howatt, Art Director
  • Paul Mockler, Underwater Cinematographer

Over the next two weeks it will be mostly just this batch … then everyone else will start coming in about two weeks out.

Okay, I’m out of time. Got to go. Will add to this later.

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2 Comments on “Welcome to an Experiment That May Become Mission Impossible”

  1. Adam Says:

    Good on ya, mate. How are ya? This is Adam, your second unit director from Romania (well, from UK but we shot together in Romania)….looks like you’re having fun. Don’t know how you can liveblog during production but good luck. It’ll be tough but interesting to see how it works. Let’s have a beer when you get back. Cheers.

  2. James W Says:

    Hi Michael. Congratulations on the new site. I will be reading it avidly. Those of us who’ve taken the leap of faith and participated in the financing of the film really appreciate your doing this. We’ll be checking every day to see how you’re doing.

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